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Thomas Bruce Reese, Director

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In the Spring of 2005, athe age of 88, Tom developed some medical problems and he now resides at a medical facility. His friends and fans have been able to take care of his needs so far. The Globe Coffee Shop hosted a benefit and the court has appointed a guardian. The last building is being sold to pay for his expenses. I am most thankful that i was able to spend me with Tom and he is looking forward to the seeing the book. I will be taking him a copy of a comp this fall.

Meanwhile, I will leave the site as it has been and update it as I can. If you wish to keep up with the artists and or Tom, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with Malcolmb and Tom's friends who are carrying the torch.


Over the last two years there have been over half a dozen printed articles about Tom, Beaux Arts, or one of the artists, primarily Jim Morrison, Kerouac, and Marilyn Monroe, who went there. Here is a partial list of the press that I know of. I believe there is at least one new book about Morrison. I'll get details on the others later.

St. PetersburgTimes
Sunday, September 25, 2005
Mary and Jim to the end
ROBERT FARLEY; St. Petersburg Times; Sep 25, 2005; pg. 1.E
35 years ago, but just found
ROBERT FARLEY; St. Petersburg Times; Sep 25, 2005; pg. 12.ESpecial wraparound Section E of the Sunday Arts
Your own piece of music history
ROBERT FARLEY; St. Petersburg Times; Sep 25, 2005; pg. 12.EBeaux Arts is mentioned as the place Jim went to read his poetry.
Photos and on-line links.
Robert first talked to me about doing the article right last spring, right before the Pope died. He had to put off this story for 6 months, but he got a lot done in that time


CitiLife Magazine
By Colleen Smith
A Spread on Tom and Beaux Arts
His dedication to the Florida Arts Scene
September 2005 (The issue will be on the streets near Labor Day)
Colleen interviewed me.


St.Pete Times about Tom on July 24th
Beau of the arts
NICK BIRDSONG; St. Petersburg Times; Jul 24, 2005; pg. 6
He interviewed me on the phone and at least three people sent me a copy of the article. My book is mentioned and I am quoted.


Boo Ehrsam has written a number of articles for her column around the time of the benefit at the Globe Coffee House in St. Pete. Somehow I ended up doing PR and helping coordinate the show from SF. I don't know for sure how many papers printed stories around this benefit that was held.

After art patron's death, only memory honors him

The Beaux Arts Coffeehouse was once a mecca for artists and musicians. Its founder died recently, and no memorial stands to honor him.
By ANNE LINDBERG, Times Staff Writer
Published January 29, 2006

PINELLAS PARK - Two nights after Tom Reese died, Billie Noakes and her boyfriend drove to St. Petersburg to see if people were gathering at the site of Reese's Beaux Arts building where local artists and entertainers once expressed their talents. (cont.)


Quite a few of the old Beaux Arts crowd are local writers, journalists, or arts activists now.
I can put together a list once I talk to them.

Papers and media outlets covered by the journalists I know of so far:

St. Petersburg Times (The bought the Evening Independent archives.)
Tampa Tribune
WMNF Radio
The New St. Pete News
Citilife Magazine
Newsradio 970 WFLA AM
The Pinellas Park City Channel - The communications director took me on a tour. He used to frequent Beaux Arts. Now he's working practically on the property.
The Weekly Planet


Weekly Planet/This week in Entertainment
Planet Picks / MONDAY 9.6
Beaux Arts presents its 57th Annual Labor Day Festival of Arts, Music and Poetry,an event introducing local talent to the community.
September 2004