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Contacts: Mari Eliza or Colleen Smith

Beaux Arts Memorial Concert in 2006 - (Photos)

The last address of Thomas Reese and his
Beaux Arts Society - Modern Art Museum and Gallery
2635 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Thomas Bruce Reese, Director
The Gravesite

Beaux Arts:
Truth, Rumors & Fantasies
by Mari Eliza and Colleen Smith

The Beaux Arts Book Project is for and about the people who passed through Beaux Arts Gallery and Coffeehouse of Pinellas Park, Florida, where Thomas Reese set the stage and invited artists and performers to create their magic. We want to know what they learned, how they were inspired, and what they are doing now. If you were there and have something to share, send stories, pictures and photos our way, along with permission to publish.

We are compiling a list of people who performed, hung out, or were rumored to frequent Beaux Arts. Some are real and some are fiction, but all were touched in some way by the place. Thanks to everyone who has sent stories and pictures for the Beaux Arts Book. And thanks to all the people who have been supportive of the effort who never went there.

We posted a preliminary timeline, of what and when I think people were at Beaux Arts. A lot of this occurred before and after my time, so I am putting it out for comments and corrections. We're adding pages on everyone we have information on so far. We are still looking for more photos, artwork and playbills.

Thanks for your memories.

Thanks to all the Beaux Arts people

Mari Eliza

A preliminary Intro

It is our intention to put people in the correct category: art, music, friends, fans, film, dance. Often we have names, but no idea what they do. Please help by letting us know if you see any mistakes. To start, we will have duplicate names in the categories until we determine who goes where.

Thanks to everyone who is sending in photos. Those are most helpful.

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Thanks, Mari Eliza and Colleen Smith

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