Christina Alexander

Christina Alexander's first time at Beaux Arts was in 2002. She had heard about Beaux Arts, and finally went there with a date.

Tom asked her, "Do you want to do anything? She wasn't prepared to perform, had given up on dancing at the time so she said "No." When she got up to leave, Tom said "Don't let the blond leave." He encouraged her to dance. "Just go with the flow." She promised to come back. She did, and now she is back on stage. She and Tom became very close friends.

Christina Alexander, inspired by Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis, is know for her barefoot veil dancing which incorporates spirituality and art. She also sings and writes poetry.

I took these photos around 2004. Her hair was red when I saw her at Tom's memorial. She read a wonderful poem dedicated to Tom, full of colorful connotations.