Chris Eilersen

"alumni" of the coffeehouse

I ran across Beaux Arts material online and it brought back so many memories! I lived and played there in the mid-late 70's and early 80's and won the 31st Americana Arts Festival songwriting contest in 1981. I believe I won it in '76 also, but not sure. I placed 2nd a number of times (to Peter Smith, Michael Robbian and Michael Hyde). Peter and I were a duo there called "the Doubtful Guest" and I played with Michael Robbian under the name "Florida Winter" and "Chris & Mike.

I lived at the coffeehouse at the same time as Danny Kalais and we jammed many times in the garden. I often think of his voice and still get shivers - to quote a friend of mine who heard him once, "he bleeds when he sings."

I have gotten back into music fairly heavily with my son (who is a percussionist), and play festivals and concerts in and around my home of Almont, MI.

Chris Eilersen

Winning Duos - Chris played with Peter M. Smith as "Doubtful Guest", and Michael Robbian as "Florida Winter"