Richard Leps, Violinist, Horticulturist, Good Friend:

I never saw Richard at Beaux Arts, but I traveled with him and know his music well. He was there during his years at Presbetyrian College, (Eckart College) when he first picked up the fiddle and started palying. We met on a trip to New York, where he and Michael Baldwin were "discovered" palying on the sidewalk and famously signed to record with Vaguard. Everybody has played with Richard Leps.

At some point in the 1970's he played with a band called Arnold's Boat Yard. Llyn French recently sent me a tape from a radio interview, and I digitized one of the songs and posted it here. I expect to get more facts published on this rather popular band that is no more, although some of the original memebers are still around. Here is a song I will titile "I'm Leaving You Behind". I'm sure someone will recognize it and correct me soon enough.

"Leaving you Behind." John Martin on guitiar, Richard Leps on fiddle, Nick Kelly on Harmonica, and David Dawson on guitar.

Richard with Acoustic Pete, Bradenton, 2005

Richard with coonties.