David Philhour

What a surprise, when I typed "Thomas Bruce Reese" into Google and several VERY interesting pages popped up. Yours was among them. I used to hang out there and did some very feeble stand-up there in 1964-65. I saw Vince Martin and Fred Neil there. Also Oz Bach (later, bass player for Spanky and Our Gang) played there in spring of 65. I was at Florida Presbyterian College 1964-1965.

Re-activate the memory cells that contain those far distant but lovely memories...I just had that one wonderful year of 64-65. Most of my experiences with Vince & Fred come from the Miami Coffee House scene. My favorite memory of Tom is at that year's Beaux Arts Ball when Tom as Pan (or some for of Satyr) was equipped with a priaptic member constructed of a banana and two walnuts beneath his tutu...Sorry to hear about the loss of Tom's art. I think he had a large nude of me painted by Chris Baden of FPC.