“Jim Morison - Poet and Shaman” was painted by Jane McClelland, presented by Amina Edthodu to Jim’s Mentor, Tom Reese of Beaux Arts, July 2001 - Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Morrison’s Death. This painting is one of a number of paintings of Morrison by Beaux Aritists.
Boo has one on her page.

New Links based on article in the St Petersburg Times, written by Robert Farley

Link to a film clip: State of Florida has found a film clip of Jim Morrison when he was a student at Florida State University. It is a very short clip where he appears in a promotional film for FSU. Interview with Jaime Madden, who discoverd the film.

Morrison Timeline

Based on the information I have so far regarding people who were with Jim or may have been involved with him. I am tracking the early influences on Jim's poetry and music through his life, and the influence his art and music has had on other artists.

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1943 Jim Douglas Morrison, was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 8, 1943
Billy Cox (local columnist)
Mark Ozz owner of the Up Front Gallery, writer
WFIT FM DJ Fred Migliore interviewed Max Shwartz (in Sacto)

1943-46 Clearwater, FL

1946-56 Albuquerque, NM
The car crash event takes place

1956-58 Alameda, CA
Jim hangs out with Fud Ford at Jr. High in Alameda
North Beach Beats, Poets, Jack Kerouac are in North Beach, across the bay
Larry Keenan
(Chet Helms?)

1958-60 Alexandria, VA
Tandy Martin
Mama Cass and Papa John Phillips also attended high school, though John graduated in '53
DC blues clubs
George Washington High
Frequented the blues clubs on Rt 1 north of Fort Belvoir

George Washington High, in Alexandria VA, claims Jim Morrison, Mama Cass Elliot and Papa John Phillips as students of theirs and includes biographies on their site.

Jim Morrison, GWHS Class of '61, was a member of the music group called the "Doors" during the late 60s. This is his story. (see page link above)

Mama Cass Elliot, was an original member of The Mamas & The Papas along with another GWite John Phillips, GWHS Class of '53. Her High School name was Ellen Naomi Cohen. While Ellen transferred between schools, she did attend GW in the late 50s and early 60s, and should have graduated in '61.

Papa John Phillips, John Edmund Andrew Phillips was an original member of The Mamas & The Papas along with another GWite Ellen Naomi Cohen, GWHS Class of '53.

1961-62 St Pete JC, FL
Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater
Dated Mary Francis Werbelow (who moved to CA with him)
JIm hung out with Bryan Gates
Kerouac was in the area, and could have met Jim
Jim frequented the House of Seven Sorrows cafe on Parker St., off Kennedy Blvd. near the Hillsborough River and Trailways Bus Stop)
First read his poetry in Beaux Arts, Thomas Bruce Reese
Grandparents lived on Druid Rd.

1962-64 FSU in Tallahassee, FL
Film Department with Gerry McLain and
The late filmmaker, Werner Vagt, professor
(Andy Anderson, student, Evon Streetman, Photography professor)
Listened to Bob Dylan
Sam Kilman
(Patricia Butler?) wrote about FL Chris Kallivakos, roomate
Gerry McClain
JIm performed in Pinchner's "The Dumbwaiter"
Bryan Gates (hitch hiked to LA) Mom in Coronado (?)
Florida State University
Department of Art
221 Fine Arts Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32306

1964-65 LA, CA
Jim recieved a Film degree UCLA
Philip O'Leno
Rod Pitman, Shane Jatho, Justin Case
Max Shwartz (has a film), Mary Francis, at Vernon Place Pamela Coursen
Pamela DesBarres
Dennis Jakobs
Peggy Green (moved from FL) and Tom Baker
Terry McCartney-Filgate
Vince Treanor, roadmanager
Bill Siddons, manager
Tom Baker, writer for "High Times"

1967 Signed by Electra Record Company's president Jac Holzman as the Doors
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, married Morrison for two years

1972-74 Paris, FR
Alain Ronay
Agnes Varda
Pamela Coursen
Dr. Max Vassille

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