Rick Norcross in his own words:

Hi Mari Eliza,

I saw your posting on Panama's Guest Book and thought you might like to have this flyer from Beaux Arts from 1974. I have a couple of extras if you'd like to have the real thing. I played there lots during the 60s and 70s and met Panama there when he returned from Vietnam and started playing. I owned the 18th String Coffeehouse & Music Emporium in North Tampa near USF in '68 and '69 and had Panama over many times to perform. He came up here to Burlington, Vermont to play my food festival this past summer and we had a ball. Maybe you read his account of the trip. I have some newspaper articles from those days (I NEVER throw anything away) mentioning Beaux Arts. It was a wonderful place to exchange tunes and ideas and I treasure those experiences. Tom was always VERY VERY good to us and gave us an opportunity to perform and to learn from each other. Best wishes to you in your search to relive those times

- Rick Norcross

Rick and the Ramblers