Wade Van Dore, headstone

Tom's Final Resting Place

Tom was cremated and his urn was placed in his mothers gravesite at the Royal Palm Cemetery in St. Pete in' family burial plot, on Valentines day, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2006. The location of the Royal Palm Cemetery, is 101 55th St. S., St. Petersburg FL 33707, off First Ave. S, just East of 58th St. The family burial site is just East of the office, down a long driveway, between the parking lot and the next cemetery street East. He will have a small, flat marker. The date of his death will be engraved at a future date.

Tom's Headstone reads: "Thomas Bruce Reese, 1917- ,U.S. Navy 1940-1954, Beaux Arts."

Other markers and headstones in the family plot:
"Wade Van Dore, 1899-1989, Poet-Naturalist" (Tom's friend and right hand man to poet Robert Frost).
"William Bruce Livingstone, Sept. 25,1863-Oct. 10, 1924" Grandfather
"Melissa Arabella Livingstone, April 7, 1868-Jan. 4 1955" Grandmother
"Donna Livingstone Turfler, 1890-1980". Mother
"Clarence A. Koski, Minnesota, PFC 2 Air Force- WW2, May 31,1907-May 22, 1961"
"Robert F. Turfler, 1890-1939" Mother's third husband ?
There is also a big headstone with "Livingstone" on one side and "Koski' on the the other side.
"Koski, Eleanore E, 1909- (still alive?), and Sophia O, 1887- (still alive?).