Arts Activits, Writer, Fundraiser

Boo writes for Bayside News, and has a local TV show on the arts on Vision Cable. Graduated high school in 1965. Although she had heard about it, she didn't have a car, so she didn't go to Beaux Arts until the 1980's.

She first went to Beaux Arts because, as late as the 1980's, it was the only gallery that accepted cutting edge art. Her work was accepted. Tom encouraged comeraderie among artists. He became a mentor and friend to all, welcoming, and critiquing both professionals and amateurs. The professionals were taught humility, the amateurs were encouraged to work harder.

She was there when the first fire broke out. Rumors were that an order came down from the top to "let it burn". Tom watched as the firemen cut holes in walls to increase the blaze. He moved into a trailer and continued his art classes and shows in the the garden.

Boo helped Tom fight the city until he lost then helped him get moved into the place in St. Pete. She wrote an article on Beaux Arts and Tom that resulted in Mr. Ericson's donation of $1000. Ron Forbes, a former Police Chief, was City Manager at time. He objected to Tom's holding art classes outside the building. Tom retorted that he taught in the style of Socrates. Ron admitted that he didn't know Socrates, but he objected to the notion of outdoor classes, and Tom in general, so they forced Tom out of his original Beaux Arts establishment.

Other people who helped Tom during his crises, Billy Nokes, and Malcolm.