San Francisco Connections in North Beach 2007

Ferlinghettis' 88 Birthday Party with friends at Live Worms Gallery on Grant Street

It all started with a David Corbett reading at City Lights Book Store. David was answering questions about his latest crime novel "Blood of Paradise", set in El Salvador. How is his Spanish? Did he ever use a gun during his days as a PI? Is he a good shot? What kind of reactions does he get from readers?

Afterward, we hung around and chatted, and my eyes wondered over to Pablo Neruda on a nearby shelf. Seeing Pablo, it occured to me that City Lights might have some of the books I have been looking for, so I went off in search of the manager. They don't carry rare books, but I was invited to Lawrence Ferlinghetti's 88th birthday party at Live Worms Gallery.

After an afternoon at Savoy, with Mal Sharpe and the Big Money in Dixieland Band, we met some friends at the birthday bash and that's where I shot the pics in the flash file above.

Mari Eliza