Bill and Linda Terrell

I met Bill and Linda Terrell at the Globe on night.

Bill "Fuzzy" Terrell read the beat poets, at Beaux Arts from 1962-65'ish. Barry Sims sometime accompanied him on guitar. When he was a Theatre/English major at USF, he hung out and drank with Kerouac at the Wild Board.

He remembers Fred Neil, Vince Martin, Mike Baldwin, Richard Leps, John Martin, Ed Teja, Pete Gallagher and his girlfreind, Kelly Green, Will McCleen, Kerouac, and Jim Morrison.

Other local poets he remembers: Dwayne Locke, who used to teach at University of Tampa, and started "Campus Review", and Peter Mienke who taught poetry at Eckerd 65-66.

Tampa Bay Poetry Society.

His first time experience: First time he found people who were like him. He was the quintesential beatnik with black turtleneck, spouting beat poetry. It was the pre-Dylan, post beat era, the transition time between beat and hippy.