Malcolm and Tom at The Ballet Cafe, Thomas Bruce Reese with Christina the Veterans Hall.

The Final Days - St. Petersburg , Florida

When Tom established Beaux Arts Gallery in the Golden Palms Hotel, he, created a cultural oasis that inspired artists and audiences and encouraged us to embrace freedom and be creative. He was way ahead of his time, mixing film, music and art under one roof.

Thomas Reese grew up in Pinellas Park in an artistic family, surrounded by entertaining people. After graduating high school, he studied studied art, theatre, and dance, at home and abroad, served in the Naval Reserves during WWII and the Korean Conflict, then returned home to promote art and aritists. He founded the Beaux Arts Art School and Modern Art Gallery. Following his uncles' lead he booked national entertainers on the weekend. He encouraged local artists to perform alongside the stars. Tom screened avant garde films in the front room. He established a number of annual art and music contests.

The resting place for Beaux Arts became St. Petersburg. It was there that I found Tom in 2003, and "Truth, Rumors and Fantasies" was born.

In the words of Michael Moore, a long-time associate of Tom Reese: "Let Pinellas Park rejoice that all these years they had a choice."

Bill Martin, last seen in San Francisco, Paul, Michael Moore, EricScott, and Christina

Fan and Talent at Beaux Arts and Talent at Beaux Arts

Thomas Bruce Reese

Christina Dancing